‘Convenience’ Food

I’ve never shopped at Iceland until recently. My image of Iceland was that ropey looking prawn ring that always appeared on their Christmas adverts. However all that changed when a Food Warehouse opened on a retail park close to me. You have to check out a new shop don’t you? It’s freezer upon freezer of frozen goods with fresh, canned and alcohol shelves along the way. Sack of potatoes anyone?

Mr S picked up a couple of bits yesterday and decided to get us some Friday lunch treats instead of the shakes we have been taking to work.

Luckily he bought chicken wings for himself and as he was working from home this didn’t pose a problem as they were oven bake. However, the chicken katsu for me was another matter. Oven AND microwave. That’s not very ‘convenient’ is it? How many people have an oven at work? I couldn’t save it for home either as we don’t have a microwave.

So we had to cook the chicken pieces last night and I then only had to microwave the sauce and rice. To be honest it would be just as quick to make this from scratch!



Verdict? Pretty tasty really but 25 mins in oven for the chicken and messing about with the microwave, sauce in one min. Still, only two quid.

Oh and they sell these:


I only eat these if I’m a little hungover and they are better than buying them from Greggs as the pastry is crisper.

That’s why ThiswasDinner goes to Iceland.


3 thoughts on “‘Convenience’ Food

  1. I’m not sure we have an Iceland here in Canada, But it sounds like a really great shopping spot. I love frozen peas, corn, and mixed veggies. I’m not sure about frozen meat. I’ve been cooking from scratch the last two years and I just love it. Have a brilliant week!

      1. yeah some frozen burgers are great, especially if you’re having an impromptu BBQ over summer. The sausage and bean melts look delicious! I use such for quick school snacks, sometimes!

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