Ham, Egg & Chips

I did well this week but for whatever reason, probably forgetting to get anything out of the freezer, we ended up with ham egg and chips. The tomatoes were going to waste so I cooking them in a little oil, adding some purée and a little red wine vinegar instead of just smothering the dinner with ketchup.


Served with a slice of buttered bread to make a nice egg and chip butty.

This was dinner…16th April 2014

What’s in the Fridge & Pantry Sandwich

What was going to be a trip to the shops for food only ended up being another DIY day, putting up shelves and finishing my room. I was back in town again at 5pm for some little bit’s to finish off, spending my money on trinkets which Mr S pretends he doesn’t care about but I know he does really.

Once we had finished, two very tired DIYers couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the phone for a takeaway so ended up with this instead.

A ham & cheese sandwich, a chip butty and some crisps.


This was dinner…12th April 2014

Not Cooking Again

I do feel guilty when I don’t go to the market but I really fancied a lie in. I didn’t drink all the wine last night and Mr S wasn’t that late so this was not alcohol induced. I think it was just the first weekend in a while when we haven’t had a pile of stuff to do.

We just lazed around watching TV/films with the intention of shopping at about 6pm but when it came around to it we couldn’t be bothered to leave the house so all that left was a takeaway – our favourite – Chinese.

Deep Fried Squid with Peppercorn & Spiced Salt
Deep Fried Squid with Peppercorn & Spiced Salt
Crispy Shredded Smoked Chicken
Crispy Shredded Smoked Chicken
Szechuan Beef and Vegetable Vermicelli Singapore Style
Szechuan Beef and Vegetable Vermicelli Singapore Style

This was dinner…5th April 2014.

A Meal for One

Mr S went out tonight so I was home alone. After my delayed train finally got into the station I popped into Tesco and bought myself a meal for one Pepperoni Pasta Bake.

I don’t buy them often, obviously they are convenience foods but to be honest, they are not that convenient when you don’t own a microwave, I could have cooked it from scratch quicker! It tasted decent enough though.

Oh, and did I mention the couple of beers and a bottle of wine?

TWD_0404_Mealfor1_2 TWD_0404_Mealfor1

This was dinner…4th April 2014.



Crisp Sandwich

Today I had a crisp sandwich for dinner. Yes, a crisp sandwich. I didn’t have much of an appetite and was definitely coming down with something.

I didn’t even take a photograph of the sandwich I was too tired to get my phone or camera. So here’s a photo of my favourite crisps instead – I could eat them by the bucket-load.


Yes – This was dinner…28th March 2014.



Another full day of DIY – painting and cutting and fitting skirting boards left us absolutely knackered with no desire to start making the meal we had planned so it was off to the shops for a couple of hard earned cans of beer and the order of our favourite seafood pizza and a hot one.

I don’t think I’ve been this tired for quite some time!

TWD_Hot_Pizza TWD_Seafood_Pizza

This was dinner…23rd March 2014.

Sausage Roll & Beans

I’m not sure how Mr S managed to do this weeks meal list one item short, but he did. The plan was to pick something quick up from the supermarket as we have a lot of DIY ahead of us this weekend but Mr S ate out at lunch time.

I really fancied sausage roll and beans but Morrisons had no fresh ones and the pre-packed ones are ‘OK’ if you’re desperate but not as a dinner.

Mr S suggested the frozen aisle and I had visions of party sausage rolls but this pack of four did the trick and apart from being a little under seasoned they weren’t bad at all.  Especially with a little brown sauce.




This was dinner…21st March 2014.