Potato Salad with Salmon & Crème Fraîche

On 24th May 2016, This was Dinner

A great idea to use up leftover potato.

Get set…

  • Cook some baby new potatoes
  • Flake some hot smoked salmon
  • Chop some dill
  • Get crème fraîche, lemon and seasoning ready

Throw it together…

Quarter the potatoes, mix the the crème fraîche and dill with a good squeeze of lemon and season.

Mix the potatoes with most of the crème fraîche mixture.

Dish it up…

Scatter the flaked salmon over the potatoes then add extra crème fraîche on top and give it a good pinch of black pepper.


Not the best looking picture but tasty all the same.

Chorizo & Chickpeas

On 25th April 2016, This was Dinner

What to do with a load of unused stuff in the fridge/pantry?

Yes, I know it is hard to believe but I have an unused chorizo! No, I don’t come down in the middle of the night like Nigella and eat it directly from the fridge! What do you think I am?

As Summery as this dish looks it has been blooming freezing this week. In fact, as I sit here in what is the hottest sunshine we have had this year, only a couple of days after this pic was taken we had snow!

I used dried chickpeas and did all the hard work with them yesterday.

Get set…

  • Thickly slice a chorizo
  • Halve some cherry tomatoes
  • Cut some bread into big chunks
  • Slice some lettuce
  • Grate some parmesan
  • Chop some mint
  • Get olives, lime, oil & seasoning ready

Throw it together…

Heat a pan and cook the chorizo until starting to crisp, remove and set aside.

Add the bread chunks to the pan and cook, tossing regularly, until crisp.

Toss the tomatoes and chickpeas in a little oil and squeeze in some lime juice. Season well and add the mint.

Dish it up…

Pop the chickpeas on a bed of lettuce then scatter over the olives, the chorizo and the croutons then sprinkle with parmesan and another squeeze of lime juice.


Obviously you can just go with the flow with this one and throw in whatever you have to hand.

Leftovers & Jane Eyre

I can’t believe it is only the end of the second week back at work since Christmas, it seems such a distant memory.

I’m quite excited as this week I booked tickets for myself and five others to go see the Northern Ballet’s interpretation of one of my favourite books – Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre – at Cast in Doncaster. This performance is to coincide with the fact that this year is the 200th anniversary of Brontë’s birth.

I’ve had a week of using up odds and ends from the freezer and pantry this week. Sunday was a big mistake. Crispy fish wraps sounded better than the battered convenience fodder with a bit of salad in tortilla wraps. I stumbled on Monday and ordered a takeaway of pizza for me and kebab for Mr S.

On Tuesday I wanted to use up some pearl barley so I made a chorizo and sprout pearl barley ‘risotto’ which turned out to be very mediocre.


So it’s coming to something when the best meal of the week (excluding Saturday when we made the beef) is fishcakes. I put together cod cakes (shop-bought) with roasted balsamic shallots, rocket and cheese sauce (frozen – home made) and it was delicious.

On Thursday, using up some basil and mozzarella tortellini (from a previous 2 for 3 quid offer), I made a quick fresh tomato sauce and toasted some pine nuts. This was also a good one.

On the subject of leftovers, over Christmas I cooked a ham and had loads left over. We made this delicious chicken and ham pie. We poached a chicken, quartered and fried some mushrooms, made a cheese and wholegrain mustard sauce and then put the chicken, mushrooms and ham in the cheese sauce, let it cool and froze it.

When we were ready, we defrosted it along with some peas then, and I have to say this as it is really well done, Mr S put it in a pie dish and added the shortcrust pastry. (If I use pastry it always looks like I threw it on!).

Cook it for about 20-25 minutes and serve.

TWD_PieTWD_Pie 2Here’s Walter firing up the computer to let me thank all of his well wishers and to show you that his curls are coming back.

Left Click!

I’ve decided that I’m going to note down the books I read this year. I’m interested to see how many it will be. I read an article somewhere that someone had read 300 books last year. That’s nothing! I reckon my sister reads that a month! 😉 She can read in her sleep I’m sure. If you see her out and about she still has a book in here hand.

Using up Leftovers and I Won Something

On 15th & 16th June 2015, This was Dinner

Well I won something. I’m racking my brains to think when this has ever happened before…Nope, nothing…Ooops, just remembered, I bought some raffle tickets to win a bottle of champagne – a very big bottle, I was told. Unfortunately, when they brought the bottle to me, it was Pomagne. Now I can’t find much about it online but I’m pretty sure it was like drinking sweet pop! So I’m going to class this as my first win!

So thank you to the lovely Donna over at A Cookbook Collection, my own collection grows a little more.

Watch out for a recipe from my new book as soon as I get next months meal plans into action.

Back to the present. We had some of the Mushroom & Bean Hotpot left over, but not enough to make a full meal so Mr S cooked some chipolata sausages and some pasta and made this.


Not Quite Korma Prawn Curry

On 3rd & 4th February 2015, This was Dinner

It’s so cold at the moment! However, it is February and I do live in the North of England so this is no anomaly – AND – I am British so it’s part of my make up to complain about the weather!

I had a bag of prawns in the freezer and a korma paste and a tin of coconut milk in the pantry so this was a no-brainer.


  • Slice an onion
  • Halve some mushrooms
  • Slice a red chilli
  • Get raw prawns, coconut milk, oil & seasoning ready


Heat some oil in a pan and add the onion, cook until softened and starting to brown.

Add the mushrooms and do not stir, leave for a few minutes then stir and cook for a few more minutes.

Add the chilli and korma paste and stir well for a few minutes then add a splash of water.

Pour in the coconut milk and bring gently to the boil. Leave to simmer whilst your accompaniments are almost ready. We had chips and chapatis.

Add the prawns and cook through. Check for seasoning. Simple!


On Wednesday night we had the leftover chilli from Sunday. Quick and easy this meant I had time to get my shopping list sorted out.

Quesadillas, Goulash and Kebabs

An easy one, some leftovers and a takeaway, on 17th, 18th & 19th November, This was Dinner

Nice and quick cheese and bean quesadillas:


  • grate some cheese
  • get tortillas & mixed beans ready


Heat up the mixed beans and gently mash adding seasoning.

Pop some on one half of a tortilla and sprinkle with cheese.

Fold over and cook in a little oil until the cheese is melted. Cut into quarters.

One of my favourite go-to cheapy-quickies which are rather more filling than they look.


On Tuesday we had the leftover goulash which we baked with some orzo, to be honest we didn’t particularly enjoy it and it wasn’t worth a photo.

I have no idea why we decided to have a mid week takeaway but we did and I had my favourite of kebab and chips. You can see a cheeky beer in the background.


Using Leftovers

On 23rd September 2014, This was dinner

Plaice with ‘Moqueca’ Sauce & Sweet Potato Chips

I had the sauce left from the stew a couple of weeks ago so froze it. I have a method now. Write the freezing date on the pack and write on the calender what it was. No more puzzled looks at random items in the freezer.

I also had some sweet potatoes left from something a couple of weeks ago which have lasted surprisingly well so here’s what we did:


  • Cut some sweet potatoes into chips (don’t peel)
  • Preheat the oven to 190ºc (fan)
  • Get the sauce, plaice, spinach and seasoning out


Boil the potatoes until just about done then transfer to a baking tray and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

Fry the plaice for a minute each side (I did it in the bacon fat pan from the previous night) then transfer to a baking tray, season and cook through – it won’t take long.

Warm the sauce through.

Serve on a bed of spinach.


On 24th September 2014, This was dinner…

Chilli & Baked Potato

As it’s leftover chilli, no explanation required…


In the morning I had made a note to buy some cheese but still forgot. I’m glad I did, it was lovely just served like this.