About Me & My Blog

Hello. I’m Lisa and I’ve been saying ‘This was Dinner…‘ since January 2013. (Is it really that long?)

A few things about me:

I love cooking and even though I only started doing it with gusto about 12 years ago, I’ve collected recipes since I was about 13. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to them but I have replaced them with a large, ever-expanding collection of cook books.

I’m married to Mr S and we have a jackadoodle named Walter who is spoiled rotten.

I love reading…crime fiction, true crime, WW2 history and biographies about people in other cultures and lots in between.

I love far too many things to mention but I’ll name a few – owls, shopping, dresses, shoes, days in my pj’s, York, movies, (80s) music, cocktails, the list could go on…

I have a chorizo addiction. Mr S has a chicken wing addiction. Walter has a chicken addiction.

I still miss my cat, Jarvis, who we lost in 2014.

I’m always making lists.

A few things about the blog:

The design is by my wonderful husband who is always involved in the kitchen. Shameless plug – check out Unbloq if your business needs any professional design. I should also mention he is the king of the Yorkshire Pudding.

I cook from recipes a lot (thanks to all the books) but unless I’m baking, I never use measurements and I don’t normally follow the method to the letter either. This is why the recipes here never show measurements. I supply the link to the original if possible and will always credit the original if not. If you want more info, just ask.

As I said, I’m a big list maker. This comes in handy for epic monthly shopping lists (from which I sometimes stray). I always buy as much as I can from Doncaster Market. Officially Britain’s Best Food Market 2015* no less. It’s great quality, you buy what you need and more importantly you’re buying local.

I’m always behind on my blogging.

All the photographs are taken by me unless otherwise credited.

I hope you enjoy my posts and that I may sometimes inspire you. Say hello.

Lisa (January 2016)


*BBC Food & Farming Awards

9 thoughts on “About Me & My Blog

    1. Hi Cris Anne & John. Thank you very much for your nomination. I’m always grateful that someone takes the time to read, let alone nominate me. I love reading your blog and the fact that you wanted to be a laundry lady and a garbage collector (bin man here) made me chuckle.

      I’m forever behind on my blog so I probably won’t get around to it but it is important for me to acknowledge your gracious nomination. So once again, thank you and keep on blogging 🙂

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