Chorizo & Bean Burgers

On 6th March 2016, This was Dinner

It’s not like me to dillydally when it comes to a chorizo recipe but I’ve been going to make these for almost two weeks. And so it transpired that if I didn’t make them today (Sunday) my sausages would go in the bin! Not an option so the chicken that is marinating for the biryani will have to wait until tomorrow.

It’s a quick and easy recipe with just a little chilling time where you can go and walk the dog/get a shower/watch the TV, you choose.

Get set…

  • Skin & roughly chop some mini cooking chorizos
  • Remove a few pork sausages from their skins
  • Drain & rinse a tin of mixed beans
  • Roughly chop some coriander
  • Lightly whisk an egg
  • Get smoked paprika, a lime, oil & seasoning ready
  • Preheat the oven to 190ยบc (fan)

Throw it together…

Throw the chorizo, sausage meat, paprika, coriander & seasoning in a processor with a good squeeze of the lime. Pulse to combine.

Add the beans along with some seasoning and whizz up again.

Check how dry the mixture is and add as much egg as you feel is necessary. I only used a little.

Shape into burgers, I made four, and cover and chill.

Oil a pan and cook the burgers for a couple of minutes on each side then transfer to a baking tray and cook for another 10-12 minutes.

Dish it up…

I served mine on a bed of rocket with another squeeze of lime and to dollop of sour cream along with a side of seasoned fries.


The original recipe can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Chorizo & Bean Burgers

  1. Oh these look so good. I’m trying to perfect a veggie burger, I have the taste right but it trying to get it to hold together is a pain. Maybe I should just put some chorizo in there and be done with it!

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