Griddled Halloumi with Bean Salad & Guacamole

On 26th January 2016, This was Dinner

There was a moment, only a moment, when I almost sacked this meal off for fish and chips. It’s so tempting some days to think that way. As it is, we are out all day Friday so will definitely be eating out so we behaved ourselves and made this. I’m so glad we did, it was delicious.

Get set…

  • Finely chop a garlic clove
  • Finely chop half a red chilli and finely slice the other half
  • Cut a block of halloumi into 8 slices
  • Drain some black-eyed beans
  • Drain some sweetcorn
  • Finely chop a few spring onions
  • Chop up a couple of tomatoes
  • Roughly chop some sun-dried tomatoes
  • Juice a couple of limes
  • Stone & peel an avocado, roughly chop
  • Chop some coriander
  • Get dried oregano, dried thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper,oil & seasoning ready

Throw it together…

Mix the dried herbs and spice with the oil and garlic and drizzle over the halloumi. Turn and drizzle the rest, gently rubbing the oil mixture all over and pop to one side.

Make the guacamole. Mix the avocado with the finely chopped chilli, some oil, the juice of one of the limes and half of the coriander.

Pop the sliced chilli in a pan with the beans, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spring onions, a splash of oil and some seasoning. Pop on a gentle heat and stir now and then whilst you heat a griddle pan up high.

Pop the halloumi on the griddle and cook for a few minutes, turning occasionally until golden.

Pop the juice from the other lime (save a little) into the bean mixture and add the coriander.

Dish it up…

Dish up the beans and place the halloumi on top. Pop a dollop of guacamole on the side and sprinkle over the remaining lime.


The original BBC Good Food recipe can be found here.


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