Prawn, Pea & Bacon Risotto

On 3rd August 2015, This was Dinner

It’s a while since we had a risotto and knowing I had some prawns, peas and bacon in the freezer, this was the obvious.


  • Prepare some vegetable stock
  • Finely chop a shallot
  • Get wine, prawns, peas, streaky bacon, risotto rice, butter, oil & seasoning ready


Heat the oil in a pan and add the shallot. Cook until softened.

Add the risotto rice and stir well, ensuring it is all coated in the oil.

Add a splash of wine and cook to reduce.

Add a ladle of stock and allow to cook until all absorbs.

Repeat until the risotto is almost cooked.

Cook the bacon to your liking in a separate pan.

Add the prawns and peas to the pan with the last ladle of stock and allow to cook.

Finish by adding a little butter to the risotto and stir to melt.

Serve the bacon on top of the risotto.


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