Chilli Crab Linguine

On 14th July 2015, This was Dinner

The Italian’s have this pasta business right don’t they? You can’t beat a quick and delicious pasta dish. There is only one problem – I always make too much and always go back for more.


  • Finely chop a shallot
  • Finely chop a large garlic clove
  • Finely chop a red chilli
  • Roughly chop some parsley
  • Remove the meat from a fresh, dressed crab
  • Get a tin of cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, sugar, single cream, pasta, oil & seasoning ready


Heat some oil in a pan and add the shallot, cook gently for a few minutes.

Add the garlic and chilli and stir.

Cook the pasta in boiling, well salted water.

Add the tin of cherry tomatoes to the shallot and stir well. Add in a pinch of sugar and season well.

Just before the pasta is ready, add the crab meat to the pan and a little cream to taste. Leave to warm through whilst you drain the pasta, reserving a little water.

Mix well, adding a little of the pasta water if required and serve with the parsley .

TWD_1407_Crab_LinguineThis is adapted from this BBC Good Food recipe.


Any thoughts?

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