Liver, Bacon & Onions

On 24th June 2015, This was Dinner

I made this meal and it really took me back to the gravy my Nan used to make when I was little. My poor Grandad probably liked the gravy too but there I would be, sat with my slice of bread to dip in his ‘leftovers’!


  • Cut up some pieces of smoked streaky bacon
  • Slice an onion
  • Slice some live into small strips
  • Prepare some beef stock
  • Get tomato ketchup, red wine vinegar, plain flour, oil & seasoning ready


Heat a little oil in a pan and cook the bacon until starting to crisp. Remove and set aside.

Cook the onion in the pan until softened. Remove and set aside with the bacon.

Add a little oil to the pan if necessary. Add the strips of liver and cook for a couple of minutes to colour all round. Add the plain flour to the pan and stir well, cook for another minute.

Add a splash of red wine vinegar and a good squirt of ketchup. Stir well then pour in the stock and bring to the boil.

Reduce to a simmer then season well and add the onion and bacon.

Cook for about 10 minutes and serve with whatever you fancy. Mash would be good but I had some croquettes in the freezer. Oh and to explain why I told the story above? I mopped up the gorgeous gravy with a bit of bread!

TWD_2406_Liver_OnionsOn Thursday we made a quick, improvised turkey curry using powdered curry sauce that you add water to. Cook some turkey steaks then add to the sauce with some frozen peas.

Serve with chips.

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