Seafood & Tapas Pizzas

On 20th June 2015, This was Dinner

So Mother Nature conspired against us again this week. We had plans to go to an exhibition in Sheffield then jump on a train to Hope Valley to walk Walter. We had to pop to the vets first to get Walter weighed (4 HUUUGE kilo’s, by the ‘weigh’). Whilst in the vets a downpour started.

By the time we got out it had stopped but didn’t look too clever so we turned back home. Half way home we got soaked. I needed wipers for my specs, my mascara had run and we were all wet through. Come on! It’s June. I’d like to take my dog on new adventures.

We treated ourselves to fish and chips for lunch then made a couple of pizzas for dinner.

I made my own bases (I usually cheat and use a bread mix) which I thought were going to be a disaster but were very good. Pop a couple of baking trays in the oven then roll out the bases when you’ve left the dough for an hour.

Tapas Pizza

Mix some passata with a little Gran Luchito smoky chilli paste.

Spread over the base then cover with a selection of tapas meats. Sprinkle with grated mozzarella and grated cheddar. Season with pizza seasoning.

TWD_2006_Tapas_Pizza Seafood Pizza

Cover the base with passata.

Spread tuna flakes and prawns over. Sprinke with mozzarella and cheddar. Add finely chopped red chilli.

TWD_2006_Tuna_PrawnThese went down a treat.

2 thoughts on “Seafood & Tapas Pizzas

  1. So sad the weather wasn’t too good but oh man, the pizza! THE PIZZA!!!! You’ve got to write up a recipe for this + base!

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