On 8th June 2015, This was Dinner…

When I cast my mind back to when we first embraced the cook books and started cooking ‘properly’, we made burgers. We were both underwhelmed and decided they were not worth the effort. Well of course now I know different and after trying various versions, these are the best, and the simplest. So good I think it is the 3rd or 4th time we have had them this year.

I’d actually froze these half-pounders the last time I made burgers, making the others as mere quarter-pounders*

These burgers are made using only minced beef brisket and a little seasoning. No onion, nothing else, pure beef brisket.

We gently griddled them until cooked through then added some sliced cheddar for the last couple of minutes, Adding a splash of water and the lid for a good gooey melty cheese.

We served these on toasted brioche buns with mayo on top and salsa on the bottom and some leftover onions from yesterdays barbecue.

TWD_0806_burger*which is more than enough for me.

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