Tomato Crostini with Feta Pesto

On 2nd June 2015, This was Dinner

It is hard to believe we are hurtling towards the longest day and the days will soon start to shorten. The weather has been pretty shoddy and I can’t believe how windy it keeps getting. That’s the thing we have had the most of in 2015 – wind.

This is a lovely fresh-tasting dish with a great pesto alternative using feta.


  • Bash a garlic clove
  • Pick some basil leaves
  • Zest & juice a lime
  • Slice some tomatoes
  • Roughly chop some pitted black olives
  • Cut some slices of sourdough
  • Get pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, feta, salsa & seasoning ready


Whizz up the garlic, basil, oil, lime zest and lime juice in a processor. Add the feta and seasoning and whizz again. If it’s a bit thick, add a little water.

Toss the tomatoes with the salsa and olives.

Toast the bread then arrange the tomatoes and spoon over the pesto.


This is a God Housekeeping recipe.


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