Lots & Lots of Chicken Nuggets/Strips/Dippers

On 29th & 30th May, This was Dinner

Knowing your 11 year old niece is coming to stay means you have to check what you are making for dinner. Do they like spicy? How much of the vegetables I serve will she eat? Goats cheese? Chorizo? Salmon? Some kids are quite picky.

Well we made the spaghetti bolognese Wednesday, that went down well. Took her out for a lovely burger and sundae on Thursday – plate cleared. How about chicken nuggets on Friday? Homemade? They went down a storm. As you can see we made quite a lot of them.

Cut into pieces, dip in cornflour, dip in egg, coat in cornflakes seasoned with a tiny pinch of paprika and some salt.

Shallow fry for a few minutes on each side and keep warm will the next, then the next, then the next etc etc batch is cooked.

TWD_2905_Chicken_NuggetsAs I mentioned yesterday. We decided to bake a cake. We selected a few recipes then had a democratic vote and came up with this one – A giant jaffa cake.

All was going well until we put the jelly on top then started to add the chocolate. If you check the comments it appears we were not alone! It doesn’t look the prettiest but it tasted nice, Layla and I had fun doing it and more importantly it gave us all a hell of a good laugh as it started to collapse!

TWD_Baking_JaffaI couldn’t get any gelatin leaves and had to buy powder. I followed the instructions but it wasn’t the best – quite obviously!

Takeaways, eating out, cakes, we just had a plain old jacket potato with beans on Saturday as we felt a bit stuffed!

Any thoughts?

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