Gammon, Egg & Chips & Failure

On 19th & 20th February, This was Dinner

Instead of making Italian Style Gammon, which included making a tomato based sauce, we went with a traditional Gammon, Egg & Chips. I’m not taking this one as failing in my quest to ‘stick to the list’ as the additional ingredients can be used elsewhere.

Gammon was on my list of hated foods as a child, thank goodness our tastes change, I do love it now.

This photograph does not do the piece justice, absolutely amazing quality from my favourite pork butcher in the market.

There’s no recipe as such as I used oven chips and fried an egg but the gammon was fried for 2 minutes either side then popped in the oven for eight minutes on 190ºc (fan). Perfect!

TWD_1902_GammonUnfortunately the failure came on Friday as Mr S forgot to get the sausages out of the freezer so we ended up having cheese and ham toasties with crisps.


Any thoughts?

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