Pancakes – what else?

On 17th February 2015, This was Dinner

Not only was it my first day back at work but it was our first day of leaving him entirely alone for an hour or so. Talk about separation issues (me, not him!). Luckily he settled in his pen straight away and was really well behaved, which calmed me a little. Getting home from work and being smothered in excited kisses, I can really see why they are ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

On the plus side of being back at work, one week and the mornings are lighter!

It’s Shrove Tuesday so pancakes are on the menu. This was a given when I was younger but has only really become a tradition since I started the blog. I had sweet pancakes last year and Japanese vegetable pancakes the year before.

This is our new pancake recipe since we had the Gallettes Soubises before Christmas. We decided to have these with bacon and maple syrup. Here’s something – I’ve NEVER had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, so this was a new one for me!


  • Sift 125g each of plain and buckwheat flour into a bowl with a tsp of salt
  • Measure out 300ml of milk and 125ml water in the same jug
  • Get 2 large eggs ready
  • Melt 30g of butter
  • Get bacon and maple syrup ready (or indeed whatever you fancy


Cook the bacon the way you like it.

Make a well in the bowl of flour. Beat the eggs with the milk and water then gradually pour in, whisking as you go. It helps if you have a chief whisker like Mr S, then you can just pour.

Whisk well then add the melted butter and leave to rest a while.

Heat a tiny amount of oil in a pan and add a ladleful of the batter. Cook until browned then flip and cook on the other side.

When all cooked, serve as you like.


I saw a recipe on Facebook for pancakes for your puppy and funnily enough they recommended buckwheat pancakes. Walter had a little nibble of one and loved them.

The pancake recipe is credited to Diana Henry in her Roast Figs Sugar Snow – Food to Warm the Soul.


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