Not Quite Korma Prawn Curry

On 3rd & 4th February 2015, This was Dinner

It’s so cold at the moment! However, it is February and I do live in the North of England so this is no anomaly – AND – I am British so it’s part of my make up to complain about the weather!

I had a bag of prawns in the freezer and a korma paste and a tin of coconut milk in the pantry so this was a no-brainer.


  • Slice an onion
  • Halve some mushrooms
  • Slice a red chilli
  • Get raw prawns, coconut milk, oil & seasoning ready


Heat some oil in a pan and add the onion, cook until softened and starting to brown.

Add the mushrooms and do not stir, leave for a few minutes then stir and cook for a few more minutes.

Add the chilli and korma paste and stir well for a few minutes then add a splash of water.

Pour in the coconut milk and bring gently to the boil. Leave to simmer whilst your accompaniments are almost ready. We had chips and chapatis.

Add the prawns and cook through. Check for seasoning. Simple!


On Wednesday night we had the leftover chilli from Sunday. Quick and easy this meant I had time to get my shopping list sorted out.

Any thoughts?

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