Chorizo & Everything Else Salad

On 29th January 2015, This was Dinner

Before I start, do you check your spam? I do. The organiser in me likes to delete it all permanently. This week it’s thrown a couple of non-spam comments in there. So if, like me, you like to reply to people who comment (and see their comments obviously) then have a quick check!

We had some snow today. I work in Sheffield where these was loads but live in Doncaster where there was not loads. There was a point where I thought ‘I’m going home before I get snowed in’ but it passed.

This is a ‘use anything you have lying around’ type of dinner, brought together by the wonderfulness that is chorizo. I saw someone’s blog the other day which stated their love of chorizo and how it lasted for a couple of meals. I was going to comment but got caught up in something else and can’t think for the life of me who’s blog it was! The reason for me bringing this up is that I always, ALWAYS, use a full one as I love it so much.


  • Cut up some tomatoes
  • Shred some lettuce
  • Roughly chop some chargrilled peppers
  • Roughly chop some olives
  • Cut some bread to ‘crouton sized’
  • Chop up a chorizo
  • Chop some parsley
  • Chop some spring onions
  • Grate some parmesan
  • Get rocket, eggs, lemon, red wine vinegar, oil & seasoning ready


Boil a couple of eggs to ‘just’ hard boiled, pop to one side.

Heat some oil in a pan and throw the bread in, fry and remove.

Cook the chorizo in the pan then remove and drain on kitchen paper.

Make sure the heat is off and add a splash of red wine vinegar and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Season and stir well.

Build your salad however you like and drizzle with the quick dressing.

TWD_2901_Chorizo_SaladA veritable feast of flavours!


4 thoughts on “Chorizo & Everything Else Salad

  1. I love chorizo as well! Love it with chicken, with pork, in a cheeky sausage and bean casserole but I always use it as a side. Never really thought of using it as the main bit of a meal but I might now. This looks lovely. Love a bit of egg yolk x

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