Chicken Flatbreads

On 24th January 2015, This was Dinner

We ended up with chicken again today. I wanted to make a butternut squash lasagne but Mr S said it wasn’t very ‘Saturday’. We made a soup for mid week and I was also going to prep the lasagne but by the time I had made the flatbreads for this I just couldn’t be bothered!


  1. Butterfly a few chicken breasts.
  2. Mix Yoghurt, lemon juice, zest, allspice powder, oil, chopped garlic and some salt well then pour over the chicken then cover and chill for an hour.
  3. Using a shop bought bread mix, follow the instructions, adding a little yoghurt then divide into about 8 and roll out to make flatbreads.


  • Toast some pine nuts
  • Chop some parsley
  • Chop a couple of tomatoes
  • Crumble some feta
  • Chop a little cucumber
  • Get yoghurt, basil & seasoning ready


Heat a small amount of oil in a pan and cook the rolled out flatbreads on either side for a few minutes.

Heat another pan and cook the chicken for a few minutes on either side, checking that it is cooked though. Remove and slice.

Make a salad with the tomatoes, cucumber, feta, oil and seasoning.

Build your flatbread as you prefer. I popped some yoghurt on, then the feta salad, a couple of torn basil leaves, topped with the chicken and a good squirt of chilli sauce.


The Lebanese Chicken Wraps that inspired this can be found in the current edition of BBC Good Food mag.

On 25th January 2015, This was Dinner…

It’s 16 days until our gorgeous puppy joins us, we went to visit him today, leaving him a blanket. We have been sent regular photo updates and to be honest, I thought he was going to be huge! He isn’t, he’s just a little bundle of silky fluff! This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life…

Say Hello to Walter!

Once we’d finished I needed to pop into work but it was too early so we went and had a coffee and doughnut at Krispy Kreme in Meadowhall.

We ended up having Chinese takeaway for dinner today, just because that’s what we fancied!


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