Steak, Liver & Bacon

On 15th January 2015, This was Dinner

Haha. Jamie and his 15 minute meals! Yeah of course. Get everything out, measure it, chop it, make sure everythings boiled and then maybe 15 minutes but in reality never, NEVER 15 minutes.

I still love Jamie’s books though. He makes some bubble and squeak type side but we didn’t want potatoes.


  • Slice a red onion
  • Prepare & halve some sprouts
  • Slice some savoy cabbage
  • Oil & season some rib eye steaks with salt and mustard powder
  • Season some liver with salt & mustard powder
  • Get bacon, plain flour, worcestershire sauce, oil, ale, blackcurrant jam & seasoning ready.


Blanch the sprouts and cabbage, drain but save the water. Leave both to one side.

Heat some oil in a pan and cook the red onion until starting to soften and go brown. Add some flour and stir for a minute. Add a big spoonful of jam and a dash of the worcestershire sauce and stir. Add a good swig of ale then add the veg water, bring to the boil then season and leave to simmer.

Heat a pan and cook the steaks to your liking, remove and leave to rest in foil.

Cook the liver until done then the same with the bacon. Remove from the pan.

Pop some butter in the meat pan when it’s all cooked and toss the veg in the butter to cook.


TOO. MUCH. MEAT! But delicious all the same.

Any thoughts?

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