Thai Fish Curry

On 4th January 2015, This was Dinner

Well, it was back to work tomorrow. I won’t complain as some people don’t get such a nice break at Christmas but, boy, that 6am wake up was hard!


  • Finely chop a shallot
  • Finely chop a couple of garlic cloves
  • Slice some sugar snap peas
  • Get Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, fish fillets, soy sauce, lemon, prawns, oil & seasoning ready


Heat some oil in a pan and add the shallot and garlic, stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Add in a big spoonful of the paste and stir for a minute then add the coconut milk. Place the fish fillets in (I used defrosted frozen ones for cheapness).

Once the fish has almost cooked through, add the sugar snap peas and prawns along with the soy and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Heat through and serve.

We served ours with rice and some chapatis.


On 5th January 2015, This was Dinner…

To ease myself back into the working week we had chicken croquettes with beans, frozen when I cooked the others here.


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