Turkey Schnitzel Burgers

On 23rd November 2014, This was Dinner

We strayed from our list this week, purely because we went into town far too late for the market so there are certain no-no meals when we haven’t been.

I’ve had this Bill Granger Good Food Channel recipe bookmarked for a while and turkey isn’t one of our market must-haves.


  • finely slice a couple of fennel bulbs
  • finely slice an onion
  • rinse some capers
  • chop some parsley
  • chop some dill
  • juice a lemon
  • bash some turkey steaks until thin
  • smash up some cornflakes until fine(ish) – pop on a plate
  • chop some oregano
  • whisk an egg with a little milk – pop on a plate
  • pop some plain flour on a plate and season
  • get mayo, butter, bread rolls, oil & seasoning ready


Mix the fennel, onion, capers, parsley and dill together. Mix the mayo, lemon juice and seasoning together. Stir the mayo through the slaw.

Stir the oregano through the cornflakes

Taking the turkey steaks to each stage before moving on to the next one (you’ll stay cleaner this way). Dust in the flour, dip in the egg then dip in the cornflake mixture.

Heat butter and oil in a pan and cook the schnitzels for about 3 minutes each side.

Toast the bread, spread a little mayo on the bottom, top with the schnitzel and pile on the slaw.


On 24th November 2014, I met up with a couple of my favourite people at Meadowhall where I managed to pick up another Christmas present. I had a burger at Coal and although OK, I wouldn’t be bothered if I ever went again. Staff were nice though.



Any thoughts?

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