Pear & Hazelnut Bread

I don’t know about you but at ours we have our regular work packs – sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and a breakfast bar is our little pack up. This week we decided to take soups instead of sandwiches, and I was going to make muffins instead of  breakfast biscuits.

I decided to pop on WordPress for a bit of inspiration and as luck would have it, up popped this recipe at the top of my feed. Check it out on Carolyn’s blog – Delicious on a Dollar, she’s not only  great cook, she’s a talented ballroom dancer too!

I converted all of the measurements from cups to grams, I made an error and added too much sugar (a cup and half rather than two thirds) but the flavours were amazing and although I took a couple of pieces into work for Sophie & Jacci, for me, it didn’t even make it was Saturday morning breakfast. Mr S said it was the nicest bake for a while.


The flavours coming through from the cardamom and cloves were just sensational! The magic of the pears just made it so moist too. Believe me, if you make this you will not be disappointed.

That’s two bakes and a cheesecake in November and with Christmas coming up I might actually master it 😉

I’ll forget the soups for a while – I’d forgotten how much I detest microwaves.


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