Fish Sarnies

On 26th November 2014, This was Dinner...

These were a ‘cheapy’ which doesn’t usually get it’s own post but they were that good they need a mention.

I had a bag of fish pieces sitting in the freezer, here’s what we did.


  • defrost some frozen fish
  • whisk up an egg
  • crush some cornflakes
  • roughly chop some gherkins
  • drain and chop some capers
  • slice some sourdough
  • season some plain flour
  • get mayo, fromage frais, oil & seasoning ready


Pat the fish dry and coat in the flour.

Dip in the egg then coat in the cornflakes.

Cook the fish pieces in oil for a couple of minutes each side, depending on how thick your fish is.

Mix the gherkins and capers with fromage frais and mayo along with some seasoning.

Serve on the bread with a good dollop of ‘tartar’ sauce.



Any thoughts?

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