Beef Burgers & Bean Burgers

On 8th & 9th November 2014, This was Dinner

We were having my Mum and Dad round for a bit of a late Bonfire night around the chiminea kind of evening tonight but, as last year, the rain kind of spoiled it.

I made also made a cheesecake which you can see here.

I had watched Jamie Oliver make his claim that his Insanity Burgers were the best ever but to be honest, I think every chef says that. I’m inclined to think that Jamie is telling the truth though, and the beauty of it? They are so incredible simple.

The only problem with this post? I [might] have had one too many throughout the cooking process so Jamie’s additions went out of the window! I also forgot to take any photographs!

Buy braising steak and ask the butcher to mince it for you. For some reason I own my own mincer and it’s quite a therapeutic job (once I put it together right). Form into patties (about 200g each) and season only when cooking.

I bought some brioche buns from Sainsburys and served them with lettuce, tomato, American style mustard and probably anything else I could get my hands on in the kitchen 😀 I definitely forgot the bacon.

I also made these again, my go to black bean burgers with seared halloumi. These ended up being a hungover Sunday lunch.

TWD_0910_BeanburgersBit annoyed at myself for forgetting the beef burger photos as they were amazing.

Mr S & Dad did manage to get a fire on the go later which brought out the inner caveman in them both.



Any thoughts?

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