Halloumi Burgers

On 21st October 2014, This was dinner

When I got in from work Mr S was already blackening the peppers using the gas hob. Now I have seen this done before but have never done it that way myself as I always believed it wouldn’t be good for the hob. It’s OK when the TV chefs do it but they’ve got people to clean up the mess afterwards. I’m happy to report it doesn’t make a mess at all.

These were lovely and after all that chicken last night, a great meat free alternative.


  • blacken a yellow and red pepper and pop them in a bag
  • thinly slice some halloumi cheese
  • finely chop a garlic clove
  • juice half a lemon
  • mix together concentrated chillies and crème fraîche
  • get rocket, oil, bread, black olives, sweet chilli sauce and seasoning ready


Mix a little oil with lemon juice and garlic and pop the halloumi in to marinate for a little while.

Discard the skins from the peppers and slice.

Remove the halloumi from the marinade and fry on each side for a couple of minutes.

Spread the crème fraîche on the bottom of your chosen bread.

Pop rocket on the bottom, add some of your peppers, pop the halloumi on, add remaining peppers and olives.

Pour over some sweet chilli sauce, top with the bread and serve.


Are you watching The Walking Dead? Without giving anything away I am SO glad I didn’t have meat tonight!

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