Off to The Midlands

On 26th, 27th & 28th of September, This was dinner

I know I do it every time but I didn’t realise how far behind I was. Damn work, house work, family and other such crap that gets in the way of blogging 😉

We went away for the weekend to visit the in-laws and see the puppies for the first time since April. What a pair of gorgeous little nutters they are – that’s the dogs, not the family.

I took half a day off work and we got the train to Loughborough where we met Mr S’ mum for a quick pint in the White Hart then stopped off at the supermarket to pick up a couple of drinks for the evening. We were attacked by the dogs as soon as we arrived but it was nice to be hidden under two cuddly Shih Tzus. We went and picked up our niece a little later so it was Friday mad house as it’s a nightmare when her and Mr S get together!

Friday night we had an Indian takeaway. I had Chicken Dhansak with Peas Pelau. I’ve not had an Indian for such a long time as takeaways can be a bit hit and miss but this was gorgeous.

On Saturday we decided we were going to take the puppies for a walk around the village. We were absolutely hysterical with laughter as we all fought over who was going to pick up the erm, dogs business, and luckily our 10 year old niece was man enough to do it! Four times!


Puppy Selfie

We went out to a place called The Wheatsheaf in Woodhouse Eaves for a meal on Saturday night and it was very good. I had potted smoked trout followed by braised beef from the specials board and finished off with an Irish cream pannacotta.

Potted Smoked Trout
Potted Smoked Trout
Braised Beef
Braised Beef

On Sunday, Mr S senior made English breakfast and then we decided to pop in to Leicester as I need a winter coat. Bad move, you cannot buy a winter coat when it’s about 24ºc outside! That said, I’ve perused the internet this morning and can’t find one I like. Needless to say I went back empty handed.

We had lamb for Sunday dinner which was delicious. It was a very drowsy Lisa who turned up at the train station. I managed to perk up for the journey, we got home about 8pm very tired but had to start moving furniture around as we are having a new sofa delivered tomorrow. Yay!

Sunday Dinner

All in all, a lovely weekend and after losing Jarvis a few weeks ago, seeing the puppies was a nice bit of therapy.


Any thoughts?

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