Chipotle Prawn Quesadillas

On 16th September 2014, This was dinner

Who doesn’t love a quesadilla, granted, this photograph doesn’t look like much but they were so good.


•  Grate some really good quality extra mature cheddar (I used my favourite Wooky Hole)

•  Finely slice some shallots

•  Toss some cooked prawns in chipotle paste

•  Get a pack of tortillas out

To make:

Cook the shallots in a little oil and butter.

Over half of a tortilla, spread the cheese, prawns and shallots. Fold in half

Cook on each side in a dry pan until the cheese has melted and the prawns are warmed through. Cut into four slices. Repeat until all of your ingredients are used up.


The beauty of a quesadilla is you can throw about anything in them so they are great for leftovers as long as you have the tortillas and some cheese.

Any thoughts?

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