Chicken Dinner

On the 13th, 14th & 15th September, This was dinner

Winner – winner – chicken dinner as we say in our house. We went for a Saturday roast instead of a Sunday one. The stuffing and veg are cheats, I didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen ALL day.


•  Oil & season the chicken

•  Preheat the oven to 190ºc (fan

•  Prepare the Yorkshire Pudding mixture and refridgerate

•  Peel and cut the potatoes

•  Pop some goose fat in a deep baking tray.

•  Make up a pre-bought stuffing pack

•  Prepare some chicken stock

•  Boil the kettle

•  Get some chicken stock ready

•  Get some frozen veg, flour, butter, gravy browning, semolina & seasoning ready


To make:

Roast the chicken, depending on it’s size, if you don’t have one, you won’t regret buying a thermometer.

When I’m making a quick gravy, I always melt some butter and add flour to make a roux then gently add my stock and plenty of seasoning. With chicken I add a dab (be careful) of gravy browning and then when Mr S carves the chicken up I add a couple of wings to help the flavour.

Cook the stuffing as you can foil this and it’s not taking up valuable oven space. When it’s done, pop the goose fat baking tray in the oven.

Boil the potatoes for about 8 minutes and drain then leave to steam a little. Toss in semolina and rough up the edges a little. Carefully turn them into the hot goose fat. They should take about 45 minutes to roast.

Pop some oil in a 12 hole muffin tin and heat, make sure it’s very hot and that you act quickly to pour the Yorkshire pudding mix in and get them in the oven immediately. These should take about 20 minutes.

Don’t forget to boil the veg.

On Sunday we ended up with an impromptu trip to Sheffield, eating at Anchorage. I would definitely recommend it, I had food envy though and wish I’d gone for the reuben – next time. I ‘might’ have had quite a lot of drinks too. Naughty on a Sunday but oh so enjoyable. Monday was a VERY long day at work though.

My Onion Rings

My Onion Rings

Buttermilk Chicken
Buttermilk Chicken

Mr S chose a very ‘wheaty’ beer which is not my thing so the waitress recommended this one, very nice it was too, and there’s an owl on it!

One of many beverages that day!
One of many beverages that day!

Mr S made a chilli on Monday, Charlotte (my cousin) was coming for dinner so it was a no-brainer – I don’t believe she eats anything else 😉  This is our go-to chilli, I’ve been making it like this since forever.


•  Finely chop and onion

•  Roughly chop some mushrooms

•  Get a dry chilli mix, some baked beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, good minced beef, rice, oil & some seasoning*

To make:

Heat some oil in a pan. Add the onion and soften.

Add the beef and brown.

Add the mushrooms then give it a good stir. Add the beans and tomatoes then a little water using the tins to get all the juice.

Season, cover and simmer for as long as possible. The longer the better.

Serve with whatever you fancy, we used rice.


There’s plenty left for another serving.

* I’d put an extra chilli in too but our guest does not like things too spicy!


4 thoughts on “Chicken Dinner

  1. The chicken roast dinner looks so good. I make stuffing from store bought breadcrumbs. Just add a diced onion, heaps of herbs and a little oil to bind and stuff that chook! Doesn’t take long, don’t know how authentic it is, but it tastes good.

    1. That’s a great idea. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used one to ‘stuff the chook’ I’ve always done it as a side dish either as balls or just spread out on a baking tray. I have made my own once or twice but the packets are so cheap and I actually like it.

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