Bahia-Style Moqueca Prawn Stew

A BBC Good Food recipe, I bookmarked this whilst the World Cup was on. Bahia being one of the 26 states of Brazil where the Moqueca apparently originates from.


•  Pop some raw prawns in a dish with lime juice, salt & chopped garlic and chill for an hour

•  Slice an onion

•  Slice some spring onions

•  Finely chop a garlic clove

•  Thinly slice a red pepper

•  Roughly chop some plum tomatoes

•  Chop some coriander

•  Get some oil, lime juice, chilli flakes, paprika, coconut milk, rice & seasoning ready

To make:

Heat some oil in a pan and add the onion and spring onion. Fry for about five minutes then add the red pepper, chilli flakes, paprika and garlic.

Pop the tomatoes in along with coconut milk and some salt. Add the prawns along with the marinade and the other lime juice. Simmer until the prawns are cooked through and serve on top of rice, sprinkled with coriander.


This was dinner…8th September 2014.

Any thoughts?

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