Swedish Meatballs

These Jamie Oliver (from his Jamie Does…book) are exceptionally good. The sauce is amazing and I’m not admitting I practically cleaned the pan with a slice of bread afterwards at all because that would just be greedy!


•  Roughly chop some mixed herbs

•  Prepare some beef stock

•  get some minced pork, minced beef, milk, egg, dried breadcrumbs, allspice, olive oil and seasoning ready for your meatballs

•  Get a lemon, plain flour, double cream, cranberry sauce ready for the sauce

•  Peel & dice a celeriac

To make:

In a bowl put most of the herbs, the pork, beef, breadcrumbs and allspice in a bowl, I always leave the wet ingredients out first as I like to get a feel of the mixture, I think it can get too wet. If required, add the egg, test again and if needed add some milk, Give it a good season. Roll into balls then pop in the fridge for at least an hour.

When ready, pop a pan on with some oil and fry the meatballs gently, they should take about 15 minutes.

Pop the celeriac in boiling water and cook until tender.

Remove the meatballs from the pan and, if there is too much fat get rid of it.

Add lemon juice, a splash of the stock, some flour, double cream and a good blob of the cranberry sauce along with some seasoning. Boil then turn down and simmer until you get a nice thick sauce, pop the meatballs in to coat in the sauce.

Roughly mash the celeriac and serve the meatballs on top, drizzled with some sauce and a sprinkling of the remaining herbs.


Here’s the recipe on The Guardian website.

I actually doubled up on the meatballs for a korma curry to make the next day.

This was dinner…5th September 2014.


Any thoughts?

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