A Free Birthday Meal

It was a night out the day before my birthday and a group of us went to Zest. I must say it wasn’t as good as the last time I went and it was very rushed. The starters came before the drinks and I don’t think I had swallowed my last mouthful of starter and the main arrived. If you go, go when it’s quiet. That said, as it was my birthday, my meal was free! It was a great night. My cheeky husband’s comment on an Instagram photo posted by my sister was that it looked like ‘a bad episode of Loose Women’. How rude!

Meze Starter with Diane
Meze Starter with Diane
Zest 2
Piri Piri Chicken Burger

On my birthday (and the last day of my week off) I ended up with a chilli dog in The Courtyard which was very good for the price.

Chilli Dog

This was dinner…28th & 29th August 2014

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