Glazed Black Salmon with Celeriac Remoulade

Whoops! I can’t begin to tell you how busy I have been so I won’t, but here I am, yet again behind on this blogging business, over a month to be exact. I’m having to go to the depths of my memory to find where the recipe came from and what changes I made. It’s a good start on this one though as I’d actually written the post on the day I cooked it.

I got into trouble from Mr S the other day as there were over 500(!!!) photographs on the camera. I’ll endeavour to catch up over the next few days.

I downloaded a ‘Great British Chefs’ app a few weeks ago, this one is a Pascal Aussignac recipe. It doesn’t take a wild guess to work out that Pascal is actually French but he is based in England hence the British connection.

I always love the simplicity of the things a great chef produces, a meal that looks like a lot of effort has gone into it. This salmon dish was pretty damned good and the most effort came from peeling and grating the celeriac.

Lightly salt the celeriac when you’ve grated it and pop it to one side.

Lightly salt your pieces of salmon and leave for a few minutes too.

Check the app for the chef’s cooking times but I preheated the oven to 180ºc (fan) and heated up a pan whilst I rolled the salmon in black treacle. I then cooked it for a minute  on each side (four minutes in total – skin side down first). Then I transferred it to a baking tray (double lined with foil and a layer of baking paper as I din’t want a fight to clean the pan) and cooked it for four more minutes.

Spoon some French mayo into a bowl (I used Sainsbury’s French Style – I found it recently and love it) then add a splash of water, chopped dill and some black pepper.

Mix it with the celeriac and add a little lemon juice.

C’est très bien – bon appétit.


It’s got some great recipes on the app, go check it out.


This was dinner…8th July 2014.

It was fish again today but definitely British style as I went straight up fish shop, although I did have them with curry sauce…


This was dinner…9th July 2014.


Any thoughts?

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