Pubs, Spas & Smoked Mackerel Tacos

I went out with family (females only) tonight as I haven’t seen my Nan in ages. We went to Marr Lodge which has recently been done out, although I haven’t been there in years.

It was nice to catch up, we had a sharing platter for starters along with bubble and squeak and I had the venison steak for main.

Some of us who went for dinner were up nice and early for an Elevenses spa break at Aqua Sana in Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs. I’ve never been to either before. There was my sister, Emma, my auntie, Dawn and my cousin, Charlotte. It was kind of a birthday celebration for Charlotte who also starts her new job on Monday. Good luck Charlotte.

The spa was amazing and the elevenses were pretty impressive too. If only I could go every Friday…

When we finally got home – The A1 is the devil’s road! – I decided to walk into town to meet Mr S from work and grab a pint.

We made these using Thomasina Miers Mexican Food Made Simple. I just made them as tacos instead of tostadas.

These were fantastic. Give them a go.

Heat some oil and butter in a frying pan and fry finely sliced shallots until crisp and golden. I added a little brown sugar towards the end.

Remove and drain.

Flake smoked mackerel into a bowl and if you’re being good, add freshly made salsa, I just used a tub. Mix well.

Mix some mayo with a little chipotle paste.

On a small tortilla, spread a little of the chipotle mayo then add lettuce, the mackerel mixture, some avocado and some of the crispy shallots. Squeeze over a little lime.




This was dinner…3rd & 4th July 2014.


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