Beef Tacos & Burgers

After I finished work tonight I met Mr S in the pub, we had ourselves a couple of pints (Mr S was out longer than me so I can’t vouch for him!) and resisted the temptation of takeaway.

It was quite late by the time we got home as we walked and went via the supermarket which may explain the lack of photograph for what was delicious beef and bean soft shell tacos.

Thin strips of beef were seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika then fried. We added tinned tomatoes, red pepper, black beans and pinches of a large array of herbs and spices that were on hand – chilli, more paprika, cayenne, oregano and other stuff I can’t remember. Then served in small tortillas with grated chilli, limey cheese.

As I said, there is no photographic evidence but take it from me, they were good!

On Saturday we found ourselves at the pub again after the market. Damn that sunshine! We stopped off at Sainsbury’s and picked up some of their beef burgers.

Toasted bun, chipotle mayo, slice of tomato, Wooky Hole Cheddar and a good serving of lettuce, got to keep it healthly.

TWD_2106_Burgers TWD_2106_Burgers2

Oh and some oven chips.

This was dinner…20th & 21st June.


Any thoughts?

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