Chinese Takeaway (A This Was Dinner Favourite)

On Tuesday we sold the car! We are car-less! Quite an amazing feat in the 21st century I know, but as I get the train to work anyway and Mr S is going to be working from home, it felt pretty pointless to have such a big car and all the expenses that go with it.

We live pretty close to town so walking has never been a problem for us, in fact, given the choice we would rather get a bit of fresh air than be stuck in a car.

That said – we celebrated by going for a couple of drinks and ending with a Chinese takeaway. I just checked and it’s over two months since our last one. “I don’t bloody believe it!”

TWD_1706_Chinese TWD1706_Chinese2

We went with deep fried squid, vegetable vermicelli and mixed satay.

This was dinner…17th June 2014.

Any thoughts?

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