It was a kind of goodbye to Charlotte tonight. Our official night out but only ‘kind of’ due to the fact that a) she was coming for dinner on Saturday, b) she doesn’t finish until Wednesday and c) well she IS my cousin.

I will still be sad on Wednesday though, we have worked together for five years so it will be rather strange not seeing her every day.

Five of us went off to Browns in Sheffield, we shared a platter for starters which consisted of ‘honey and mustard chicken, crispy chilli duck, prawn tempura, chorizo sausage roll, fish croquettes, bread and dips’ and I had the wild boar and chorizo burger which was very good. I kicked the night off with a Cosmopolitan. After we finished our meal we went to a bar for a few more cocktails.

Due to the fact that we had to get a train home it was a fairly civilised affair.


This was dinner…6th June 2014.

Any thoughts?

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