Fleetwood at Wembley & Mexican Food

Did I mention we were going to Wembley? I did didn’t I? What a day, marred only by the weather, but being British that doesn’t stop us does it?

We boarded the train in Doncaster minus jackets and plus sunglasses but the skies got greyer the further south we got. I was beginning to regret not taking my umbrella (I forgot it).

When we got to London, being umbrella-less, we decided to get a taxi to the hotel, once there, we were lucky to check into our room as it was only 10.30am.

We unpacked and went for a quick walk to get our bearings and find the tube station. I decided to pick up a brolly as I didn’t want to be sitting in Wembley, soaked from our travel there. It cost me £5 which I didn’t think was too bad, until I put it up and realised I would be lucky if it lasted the day! I didn’t buy one that would mark me out as a tourist either! And it lasted until about 11.30am the following day, I ditched it in a bin near Scotland Yard.

We stopped of at Westminster and took a couple of photos before carrying on to the game. We met my Auntie and Uncle on Wembley Olympic Way and popped to the pub for a few before kick off.


I have only ever been to one other football match, albeit at the Nou Camp and I thought Wembley seemed loads smaller. It might have had something to do with the great seats we got though.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, Fleetwood won and have now been promoted to League One. Maybe I’ll go and watch them play Doncaster Rovers next year…


We stayed for a couple of drinks in a pub just outside the ground and then went back to the hotel to freshen up and decided to go for a wander to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in Loco Mexicano in Victoria, we shared nachos and cream cheese jalapeños for starters.

TWD2605_Loco_Starter2 TWD2605_Loco_Starter1

Then we both had the shredded chicken tacos for main, which we nice, but I was disappointed that they weren’t soft shell.


We then had a few tequilas before walking back to the hotel and partaking in a very expensive, but very delicious cocktail. I can’t remember what it was but there was definitely basil in it.


Unfortunately it was still raining on Tuesday morning, I managed to get a couple of photos before packing it away from the rain. You might know this little house here…


We were going to eat out when we got back from London but were far too tired. We just bought some pizzas from Morrisons and had them. All in all a wonderful time.

This was (lot’s of fun and) dinner…26th & 27th May.


Any thoughts?

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