Asparagus & Hot Smoked Salmon Risotto

Due to a detour via Debenhams on my way home from work I didn’t make it to the gym until late. I am sporting a new shirt, new trousers and shoes as a I type though so it was worth it. I really didn’t fancy making this tonight, I was going to pick up some junk from the supermarket as I needed to pick up some cat food on my way home. The thing spurring me on was the blog, I promised myself a couple of things a few weeks ago. One was to go to the gym three days a week, the other to make an effort with the blog. I’m winning on both counts I think.

The recipe can be found in the most recent edition of Delicious magazine. I’m not a big fan of smoked salmon but I do love hot smoked salmon.

Gently fry some onion in oil until softened.

Add risotto rice and stir for a couple of minutes.

Add a glass of white wine and cook until almost gone.

Add vegetable stock a little at a time until the rice absorbs it.

Meanwhile blanch some asparagus, drain and refresh in cold water. Cut into bite-sized pieces.

When the risotto is cooked add flaked hot smoked salmon, the asparagus, a good squeeze of lemon juice, parmesan, seasoning and chopped tarragon.

Serve with an extra sprinkle of parmesan.


This was worth the effort. As we ate we watched Heston Blumenthal’s Great British Food where he took on chocolate in his own inimitable style. His creations are a wonderous thing to behold.

He visited Rowntree’s where they talked about the creation of a chocolate and beef extract bar – Oxchocolate which culminated in him creating the ‘Moos Bar’ (see what he did there!) consisting of  beef nougat, shortbread biscuit and a beef and Guinness caramel. Yum eh? Did you know that chocolate used to be marketed as being good for you?

He also made a Black Forest gateaux hot chocolate, a chilli gin and a chocolate water cocktail. His beautifully made edible chocolate box that included the list of content and wrappers also being edible was amazing. He finished off with a supersized chocolate bar of which various chocolatiers around the country helped with.

You can’t help but love the theatre of it all and it really left me needing a bar of chocolate!

Hey Heston! Where’s MY golden ticket?


This was dinner…15th May 2014.


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