Gnocchi with Gorgonzola & Spinach

Over a few years I’ve gradually got used to blue cheese to the point that I now like it. I was always under the assumption that Gorgonzola was quite a strong one but it actually isn’t, this was lovely and creamy.

When I first started cooking I had a bad experience with Dolcelatte and never went near blue cheese for a long time. It was very ‘bluey’ and a bit beyond my taste. I might like it now…

This was inspired by Antonio Carluccio’s ‘Learn to Make Authentic Gnocchi’ in May’s BBC Good Food. I did toy with the idea of making my own but that’s a weekend job, not a ‘back from the gym at 8pm’ one.

Cook some frozen spinach, squeeze out all of the water and roughly chop.

Cook (or make) some gnocchi according to the instructions.

Melt some butter in a pan.  When it’s bubbling, add the gnocchi and stir.

Crumble in gorgonzola, add the spinach and season.


I was eating alone, Mr S had eaten at a meeting. There were no leftovers though – we both demolished those.


This was dinner…9th May 2014.


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