Un-Picchi Pacchi Prawns

Wow! May already! It was bloody freezing today, so sign of spring.

Travelling to and from your place of work day after day can be a dreary affair, especially when said travel involves public transport. There’s the bus drivers that don’t even acknowledge that you’ve shown them your pass, the commuters that would shove you under the train to make sure they get on first and don’t get me started on having to ask someone to move their bags for a seat! So it’s the small things that can set your day off right.

Yesterday it was the ticket girl on the train, making an effort to be nice and offering a good morning and a smile. Today it was the free apple and orange given to me by a smiling girl on behalf of Morrisons.

This was going to be Picchi Pacchi Prawns but it means fresh, raw or barely cooked sauce and I cooked mine for quite a while.

Chop some tomatoes and cook gently in olive oil. Add a couple of bashed garlic cloves. When the tomatoes have cooked down, add sliced yellow chillies and cook for a little longer.

Whilst the tomatoes cook, cook some spaghetti.

When the pasta is almost done, season the tomatoes well and add chopped spring onion and some large cooked prawns. Heat through.

Drain the pasta and mix it all together.

Serve with a little grated Parmesan and a pinch of black pepper.


We washed it down with a nice bottle of white wine,


This was dinner… 1st May 2014.


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