A Table for 30 Please

I find it hard to believe that my mum is now retired. Due to the fact that she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, there were plenty of people who came to Liberty in Doncaster to say ‘goodbye’ and tell me what a lovely Mum I have.

She got some wonderful presents, the best of which had to be a blow up walking frame from her sister (egged on by her very cheeky niece!) I’d post the picture but my Mum is very shy and would not be happy knowing her photo was hanging around for the whole world to see.

The booking and arranging of the night fell to yours truly and went extremely well considering we had to give them the heads up on what we wanted to eat. I’d say the service was excellent.

I shared a platter for starters and had a chimichanga for main but as I’ve said before, Liberty’s portions are HUGE, so I hardly made a dent in the chimichanga at all.


It was a wonderful night. HAPPY RETIREMENT MUM.

This was dinner…3rd April 2014.



Any thoughts?

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