Seaside Fish & Chips

A lovely but blustery and chilly walk along the sea today disproved something I read in an article ’23 Reasons England is Bloody Brilliant’ on Wednesday…

No.13) When the sun comes out we make the most of it, more than any country. EVER.

and that is that we don’t even need the sun, the brave (or stupid) souls that were barely dressed and entering the North Sea did NOT care. It makes me shiver just thinking about it!

We walked along into Ingoldmells where my grandparents had a caravan when I was a child. I saw the old pub we used to pile into, the shop where I bought my very first bottle of cider and the amusement arcade where I spent my hard earned pennies on slot machines, Phoenix and mini bowling. Ah memories. I walked as far as the park where my grandparents had their caravan and was filled with memories of the young me and my Grandad who is no longer with us.

He once bought me what was probably a quite garish and rather large locket. On the front was the Mona Lisa (was he trying to tell me something) and my Nan, Mum and Auntie all told him it was awful. But to me it was lovely, because he had bought a gift for me when he’d popped out for a paper so I loved it.

The fish & chip shop that we used as a family was still there too. We always used to get them and go and sit on the seafront, no matter how dark or cold, although sometimes I would want to have the same as my Dad and go for pie & beans – try eating a pie with one of those stupid wooden forks!

We didn’t get our Fish & Chips from there, nor did we eat them on a cold seafront. It was nice fish and good chips but the batter was a bit soggy, which I find really hard to understand when it’s something you do every day.

Mr S’ Dad says as I’m from Yorkshire I should have had mushy peas with mine – I didn’t, I had curry.

Sorry Billy Bob, None for You!
Sorry Billy Bob, None for You!

This was dinner…21st April 2014.


Any thoughts?

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