Sunday Lunch



We’ve had a wonderful week of weather here in Yorkshire. We were looking forward to seeing my in-laws along with our niece, and of course the Christmas family additions of Billy Bob and Ted, the puppies.

We were very organised on the Saturday, preparing a few things like the vegetables and the Yorkshire pudding batter.

We slow roasted some pork shoulder and pot roasted a piece of silverside in Guiness, my nod to the following days St Patrick’s Day.

I made an excellent (blowing my own trumpet) cauliflower and shallot bake in a mustard cheese, very cheesy indeed, sauce. We also served mash and honey roasted parsnips.

Layla helped me make the stuffing balls (Paxo) and generally helped out in the kitchen. A budding cook me thinks.

MIL Mrs S is a pescetarian so Mr S looked after the cooking of her salmon and I made her a crème fraîche honey mustard sauce.

The sun streamed through the kitchen window and I was boiling. A bit flustered, when I sat down to dinner I forgot to photograph it. Here’s Billy Bob and Ted instead…


After dinner we walked the dogs to the pub where the sun decided to bugger off and leave me freezing to death outside nursing a pint.

I’m so in love with the puppies, I’d happily keep them but I don’t think the cat would be happy. He hid upstairs all day, definitely not amused.

This was dinner…16th March 2014.

Any thoughts?

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