Potstickers & Wings

A couple of months ago I read someone’s post and they had eaten out and had potstickers. I didn’t know what potstickers were and after a bit of research I found this post from Janna at Try it You Might Like it.

As you can see I was unable to replicate what I assume is the correct shape so went with the more traditional dumpling shape. I thought there would be some left over for work but we scoffed the lot. Delicious.

I also made these chicken wings by Ethna over at The Burlesque Chef. Chicken wings are Mr S’ all time favourite and it was his birthday this week. The flavours were great but I’d assumed I had cornflour in and I didn’t so I had to adapt slightly and they suffered for that, but only on the crispy front.

TWD_Mar_Chick_Wings TWD_Mar_Potstickers_Frying TWD_Mar_Potstickers

We were supposed to finish off with shrimp lo mein but we were stuffed.

This was dinner…12th March 2014.


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