Faggots & Chips

I have never tried a faggot before. I used to see them in the butchers when I was a child and think that they both looked and sounded disgusting. Technically I reckon I still haven’t tried one as these came out of a box from the freezer. I would love to try a more authentic version and was considering making them myself. After reading up on them I think I might skip it.


This was did it’s job though.

This was dinner…6th March 2014.


4 thoughts on “Faggots & Chips

  1. Here it is used as a derogatory term for homosexuals. One of our English friends was trying to convince us that faggots was a fish stick. We all thought he lost his mind. He had us in hysterics on how he can find faggots hiding in the freezer section in the supermarket back home. I guess he was right.

    1. Unfortunately it is here also and when researching what went into them I saw notes where blog posts had been blocked due to the use of the word. I saw one in a butchers a long time before hearing it used by such folks.

      They are definitely not fish sticks but not for the faint hearted either. 😉

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