My “thiswasdinner” One Year Anniversary…

…is actually more than one month old now.

Yet again I’m behind on my blog. We have started a DIY project at home which has had an effect on the rest of the house and half of the time I can’t get close to the computer and the other half we are either in the process of DIY, I’m at work or I’m cooking. I finally get around to it then get what is either a really dreadful cold or a flu.

I’m sad to say that on my one year anniversary there was no spectacular meal or even a thiswasdinner household favourite. We had an electrician in after work and when he left we were tired and hungry. I should have been making a pearl barley risotto but we raided the freezer and made fish and chip sarnies.  That’s one sarnie with frozen fish and one with oven chips.

So my first year? Here’s to many more I hope. I must admit that I do love doing it, it’s nice when you see likes and comments but I even enjoy doing it for myself. To look back at my online food diary, which was initially the reason I started it, is quite rewarding. That I can also peruse other peoples blogs and be inspired is a bonus. I have lots of your recipes bookmarked.

Deciding what to eat can be a challenge when you are wanting to keep it fresh, especially when it’s (technically) a daily blog and clearly, as this 40ish day overdue post proves, so has keeping up to date. Trying to make the lazy food days interesting is more than difficult, I’m toying with cancelling ‘lazy eating’ posts entirely but I might feel like a bit of a cheat. It always makes me laugh when a fish finger sandwich gets more likes than something I’ve slaved over or really raved about.

It can sometimes be irritating having to have the camera present at dinner every night but my photoshop and compositions skills have improved, even though sometimes I’m too hungry to care.

After a year there are bound to be repeats, I’ve eaten too many nice meals to not have them again.

My blog (and others) inspired me to buy random plates. After looking for a nice dinner set for a few years and not finding one that ‘fit’ I’m glad I went that way.

I still do “The List” that I referred to in my 100th post and I am happy to say that I’m cooking 2% more from scratch and 4% less out of a box. (Even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes!)

And I still can’t help picking up cookbooks and food magazines.

So onwards to the next birthday…as ever…thank you for reading.


This was dinner…21st February 2014


4 thoughts on “My “thiswasdinner” One Year Anniversary…

  1. I thought you’d fallen off the edge..
    happy 1st blogiversary, I was just saying to Mr 5 the other day how I was beginning to run out of totally novel ideas for dinner, so far for the last 2 and a half years I’ve managed something different almost everynight, unless it’s sausage, egg and chips or a roast, admittedly somethings are almost the same as other with the addition or omission of something or other if I think I can get away with it..

    That fish sarnie looks yum..

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