Baked Conchiglioni with Sausage, Sage & Butternut Squash

To make up for a distinct lack of food yesterday, today we had sausage sandwiches in the morning and then this sausage pasta bake. Sausage-tastic. It’s from BBC Good Food again but the latest magazine, so it’s not available to link to yet.

The recipe called for fontina or mozzarella, I couldn’t get hold of fontina but just as I was about to resort to trusty old mozzarella I spied some taleggio in M & S. I really love it but can’t find it often so I wasn’t about to leave the last pack on the shelf.

It’s a bit of effort this one but well worth the wait:

Cook a small, chopped butternut squash in boiling water until almost tender.

Pop some chopped sage leaves in a hot pan with olive oil, sizzle for a minute then remove from the pan.

Remove the casings from your sausage of choice (cumberland for me) and divide into small balls. Brown in the pan.

Halve the squash and add half to the sausages along with the sage then mash the other half and add grated nutmeg and some seasoning.

Cook the pasta, I bought this one from Tesco as I really wanted to get the same effect with the huge shells.

Melt some butter in a saucepan and add flour to make a paste, give it a stir for a couple of minutes. Gradually add milk to make a white sauce. Add a little of the sauce to the sausage mixture then add as much as you require to the mashed squash to give it a squashy, saucy consistency, parmesan and plenty of seasoning.

Spread the squash sauce in the base of a baking dish then line up the drained pasta shells on top, pushing down. Fill them with the sausage mixture and scatter with chopped pieces of the taleggio and a scattering of parmesan.

Bake in a 200ºc (fan) oven for about 30 minutes.




I can’t recommend this dish enough. Fantastic.


This was dinner…9th February 2014.


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