Movie and Nibbles

The lure of the cinema was too much for these two Eighties action movie lovers. We popped off to Centertainment in Sheffield after work to see the Robocop reboot.

My review? More ‘human’ than the first with far less violence. We enjoyed it and I loved Gary Oldman. Don’t worry, I won’t be changing this to a movie review blog any time soon.

I don’t buy food at the cinema very often. I have to really fancy popcorn, I won’t buy a drink as I don’t want to get up for the loo half way through and I just don’t get why you’d sit in a cinema eating a huge hot dog, or worse still those smelly ‘foot crisps’! On our way home we popped and bought some stuff we could just bang in the oven and munch on. It was gone 9pm and we didn’t fancy a takeaway.

TWD_Feb_Afterthemovies TWD_Feb_Afterthemovies2

This is a selection of what we ate, there was also goats cheese wrapped in pancetta, crispy chilli prawns and a lovely pepper dip.

This was dinner…7th February 2014.


Any thoughts?

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