Ham, Brie & Turkey Toasties then Cheats Curry & Chips

At some point over the Christmas period I cooked a ham. It’s something that I have been promising to do for a while. I used Nigella’s coke cola recipe [insert bad taste joke here, I won’t, I love Nigella] as it always seems very popular. I didn’t really give my ham the justice it deserved [I suppose you could insert another poor joke here] and the best I did with it was these toasties.

I put my leftover ham and leftover turkey (in seasoned mayo) from yesterday, topped mine with brie, Mr S went for cheddar and popped them under the grill then stuck some hot chilli sauce on them.


I’m not back at work until Monday but now it’s all over (including the decorations which I took down today) it all feels flat. I lazed around watching Obese: A Year to Save my Life then we were hungry again and ate curry sauce (made with Chinese curry powder and water) and (oven) chips.

This was dinner…2nd January 2014.


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