This was Christmas

Well I’m going to bulk the Christmas period as one post, we went away for Christmas to the in-laws so it kind of threw my usual stuff out of the window. As far as cooking goes there were a couple of decent days but it’s mainly been quite lazy.

Tradition chez ‘S’ is a Chinese takeaway on Christmas Eve, it wasn’t a particularly great one but it was sufficient, I was already too busy hanging about with these 2 guys, meet Billy Bob & Ted, the latest additions to the in-laws household…


Christmas Day arrived & so did the new addition to my household:


We had a wonderful Christmas day but guess what? My in-laws don’t do turkey on Christmas day! I’ll say more about this in another post but the lamb they made was amazing. The lack of turkey did not spoil my day at all!

Boxing day was the typical lazing around affair that it should be (I’m talking to all of you that choose to go shopping on Boxing Day – STOP IT!) Party food was the order of the day.

We came home on Friday and although I was sad to say goodbye to my new friends…


I was happy to find some normal levels of heat as the in-laws like it HOT.

We only had a sausage sandwich when we got in, we couldn’t be bothered with anything else.

Saturday found us idling about and trying out a new takeaway, we went for a meaty pizza and a couple of other bits. This menu has been saved.


I finally got around to making something from scratch, Kedgeree is my Boxing Day tradition but as we were not at home we made it today instead. I enjoyed this but I wish I’d have gone for my favourite version. This one can be found in Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.


On Monday I had to pop through to my work so we tried to brave Meadowhall (big mistake) and ended up back at bloody Liberty again whereI went for their Liberty Classic burger for the second time this month. We then chose to have our mad day and may have partook in the odd drink or two. I was ‘off it’ on Tuesday and basically fed myself odds and ends of fridge junk when I could raise myself from the sofa. This was New Years Eve, I went to bed at 10!!!

This was dinner… from the 24th to the 31st December 2013.


2 thoughts on “This was Christmas

  1. awww. cute puppies..
    I had Parker DNA’d for Mr 5’s christmas present, turns out he is pure collie on one side and shih tzu/ lhasa apso mix and unknown mix on the otherside, I’m looking at those pups to see if I can spot a

    That Kedgeree looks bloody handsome, I think I might make one of those..

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